Cellix Bio Synergix platform technology utilizes existing knowledge of disease pathophysiology and creativity in adaptation of the pharmacologic properties of existing standard-of-care therapies and promising disease-modifying agents delivering novel therapies to the patients living with serious medical needs across our therapeutic areas of focus.

Cellix Bio innovative platform

an effective methodology to drug design that focuses on creating new molecular entities with improved pharmacokinetic profile and synergistic pharmacology. Synergix aims to target known biomolecular pathophysiological pathways considered likely to yield significant therapeutic benefits as well as developing the structural molecular chemistry to optimize the New Molecular Entities (NMEs).

The NMEs are designed to be cleaved by specific enzymes exclusively within cells or by the mediation of specific intestinal enzymes in order to release the two bioactives independently and, therefore allowing the bioactives to reach their targets more efficiently and have greater efficacy and better PK-PD profile than if the bioactives were dosed independently or in combination.

Synergix platform technology has the capability to deliver both clinical and commercial successes. Our approach is unique and enables important functional capabilities.


Synergix platform


Repurposing the small molecule/biologics established drugs for other indications.

Platform Technology

Identification and selection of specific therapeutic candidates and its concert bioactive endogenous molecule through the Cellix proprietary platform technology modulating biochemical pathways of a disease, with a permissive chemical modification through a linker chemistry thereby stemming the Cellix pipeline lead candidate with enhanced efficacy, tolerability and safety profile

Drug Transformation

Selective established drugs transformation utilizing long chain fatty acid chemistry to enhance their molecular profile, augment pharmacological and disease modifying potential.

Synergix utilizes its existing expertise and know-how in unearthing of diverse pharmacology to reap substantial advantages in the drug development process.

NextGen Framework

Some key benefits are

  • Early clinical development
  • Low drug development risk
  • Explicit improvements in patient outcomes
  • Discrete value for the patients, caregivers and market