By leveraging clinical, biomedical public databases, scientific literature and proprietary curated data, the technologies that make up our AI platform Synergix AITM unlocks the critical knowledge gaps in molecular design. They also cross-validate each other’s results and present preformed, data-driven hypotheses synchronizing in-life validation with unmatched speed and accuracy. This enables us to discover and potentially deliver novel therapies to patients living with serious medical needs in our therapeutic areas of focus at a great velocity and precision.


an effective methodology to drug design that focuses on creating new molecular entities encompassing synergistic pharmacology. Since 2014, we have successfully build our pipeline and partnerships to more than 15 active projects.

Cellix Bio has designed, patented, and optimized our lead candidates, which can uniquely de novo design chemical entities across a panel of compounds with significant clinical unmet needs. We currently have an optimized drug portfolio of more than 300 compounds in our database.

Driven by a compound modeling approach coupled with a novel data bridging and prediction technology that we have built internally at Cellix Bio that begins by fragmenting seed drug molecules and derivatizing them with preferred fragment libraries to explore synthetically and biologically. Synergix AITM then selects amongst these hypothetical molecules for those with desirable physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties to proceed to the next steps towards lead optimization and development.

Cellix Bio’s Synergix AITM platform technology has the capability to deliver both clinical and commercial successes. Our approach is unique and enables important functional capabilities.


Synergix AITM platform

Fast-track research with the most cutting-edge real-world evidence platform

Our technology is based on SYNERGIX AITM technology, a cheminformatics design approach that extracts the insights from millions of molecules and bio actives. This fundamental tool makes it possible for chemists to pursue hit discovery, lead optimization and toxicity predictions with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Our Mission is to design and develop therapeutics using our innovative SYNERGIX AITM technology for drug discovery and disease research. We aspire to be a leader in the field of deep learning for drug discovery, personalized healthcare, and interventions.

We developed a all-inclusive drug discovery AI platform technology, which utilizes millions of multiple data types to discover signatures of disease and identify the most promising targets for billions of molecules that already exist or can be generated de novo with the desired set of parameters. It provides information that can help better prevent illness, manage chronic conditions, and redefine the quality of daily life.

Through its Synergix AITM platform, Cellix Bio utilizes significant expertise and know-how to unearth diverse pharmacology improvements and reap substantial advantages in the drug development process.

NextGen Framework

Some key benefits are

  • Relatively rapid clinical development
  • Low drug development risk
  • Explicit improvements in patient outcomes
  • Improved value for patients, caregivers and market payers